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Your Electronic Payments Information Resource- Celebrating 40 Years!

GACHA provides payments education and training for payment professionals through seminars, webinars, conferences, consulting and a payments support hotline. GACHA, is a Regional Payments Association (RPA) that represents its members as a direct member of NACHA- The Electronic Payments Association. GACHA is a not-for-profit trade association whose main membership includes banks, credit unions, software vendors, payment processors, and other payment professionals.  GACHA provides interpretation and operational support in reference to the NACHA Operating Rules

Formed in 1973, GACHA was one of the first  ACH associations/ Regional Payments Associations, in the country developed under the Special Committee of Paperless Entries (SCOPE). GACHA offers a full line of services to its membership, with a limited menu of services also available to non-members.

Mission Statement

To promote use, advancement and understanding of ACH and other electronic payment systems for the benefit of our members and their customers. We will achieve this through providing exceptional customer support, quality educational services, professional payment audits and consulting, active participation on industry initiatives, identifying and forming partnerships with industry stakeholders.

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What is ACH?

  • The ACH Network is the backbone for the electronic movement of money and other related data, providing a safe, secure, reliable network for direct consumer, business, and government payments.
  • Large and small financial institutions of all kinds jointly govern and utilize the ACH Network, facilitating billions of payments such as Direct Deposit and Direct Payment.
  •  The ACH Network is governed by fair and equitable rules that guide risk management and create certainty for all participants.
  • As the migration from paper to electronic payment continues, the cost-effective ACH Network will grow and enable innovation that strengthens the industry with creative payment solutions.



Supporting Secure Risk Management in Payments